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About PBI





Build your UNIQUE BRAND YOU and

achieve the two important things in life



















Are you ready to build

your best brand YOU

and be a SUCCESS?














Dave Chong



Success Coach


Personal Brand Advisor










Dave provides customized advice to help

leaders, professionals, executives and managers

build their personal brands

and stand out from the crowd

to enhance their careers and organizations.


Many people are knowledgeable.

Yet they have not achieved the level of success

they want. KNOWING is not BEING.


Dave helps them to get

From KNOWING To BEING a success.







Personal Branding Institute (PBI) is a specialized Personal Brand Advisory Firm based in Singapore. PBI is dedicated to helping leaders, professionals, executives, managers, business owners and individuals build their Unique Personal Brand to shine in this hyper-competitive world and achieve success in their careers, businesses and personal lives

We can help you define and articulate your Value Proposition, Differentiation and Marketability so that you can maximize your potential to be who you really are and what you stand for in the most authentic way. Choose to build your Personal Brand.









We invite you to call 6838 0093

or email dave@pbi.sg  

to schedule a free exploratory session with Dave.







9  Temasek Boulevard   #38-01   Suntec Tower 2   Singapore 038989

   Tel : +65 6838 0093   Email : enquiry@pbi.sg   Website : www.pbi.sg    


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